Old School Computer Support Never allow your support let you down again.
Old School Computer Support Never allow your support let you down again.


We offer Support!




We can Rescue most computers!




We can really protect computers!




We can design and install!



Old school tricks of the trade...

Honestly, we are embarrassed by the tactics and lack of experience that passes for computer support today.  Furthermore, the needless loss of personal computer data and useless paid utility software makes us uncomfortable in our own skins…

Computerwise is based on the idea that most anything that happens to a computer can be reversed. What we mean is that if your data is lost we should be able to find it, if a virus or Trojan takes over a computer we can take it back, no computer should need to be restored or reinstalled if we have anything to do with it!

Knowledge, insight, awareness and patience is what gives Computerwise the ability to stand apart from the fly-by-night support that you probably have already experienced and makes Computerwise proud of the service that we do.

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